Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tool # 9

1.You need to tie technology to the objective so that you get the desired outcome you are trying to achieve.

2.Students need to be held accountable for stations so that they can meet the objective

3.I like the Khan Academy site. I can use Khan to have the same effect as stations without the students actually moving from place to place. You can tell them to work on very specific topics and the program tracks how much time they spend in each area, how many questions they attempt, and how many they get correct.

4. 2 apps that I found are "show me" and "Brain-Pop". With "show me" you could have the student demonstrate a new concept and with Brain-pop they could watch a video then take an on-line quiz. To show accountability they would have to print out or email me the quiz results and on "show me" they just let me watch their creation.

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